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Allie and Kevin with one of their dogs

The Accommodations: Boarding Dogs in Middleton, ID

We're thrilled that you're considering Valhalla K9 Kennels to watch over your furry companion while you're away! As a small, veteran-owned dog boarding center, we prioritize ensuring that all dogs have a safe place to stay when their owners need to leave town.
Valhalla–otherwise known as Viking heaven–can be a heavenly vacation spot where you can board your loved pets with peace of mind and total confidence.

What makes us stand apart? 

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Love and Attention

We take pride in treating every dog like a family member. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing individual attention and love to each guest.

Smaller Capacity

 Unlike larger facilities, we purposefully limit our capacity to just 15 dogs. This allows us to focus on giving personalized care, ensuring that your dog receives the attention they deserve.

Playtime Comes Standard

At our kennels, outdoor playtime and walks are included in our standard care. There are no extra charges for these essential activities, as we believe that every dog should enjoy the outdoors and stay active during their stay with us.

Comfort and Safety

 Our goal is to create a home away from home for your companions, where they can feel comfortable, safe, and truly cared for. With our expertise in dog training and handling active, working dogs, you can rest assured that your best furry friend will have a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Take a virtual tour of our facility and meet some of our furry friends in the gallery.

Daily Activities at Our Middleton Dog Kennels

Standard Care:

    If your dog is social and enjoys the company of others, they'll have the opportunity for two 20-minute group play sessions each day.
    For dogs who prefer more individual attention or may not get along with others, we offer two 15-20 minute walks or playtimes tailored specifically for them.
    Two delicious meals per day.

    All dogs will get to play, go for walks, and get pets, scratches, and belly rubs, ensuring they have regular human contact to feel loved and cared for.

Available Add-Ons for Small Fees: For an extra fee, you can opt for additional feeding, playtime, or walks to further cater to your dog's needs. We also offer our frozen peanut butter Kong toys as a delightful treat that your furry friend will love.
Complimentary Baths:While we don't provide full grooming services, we do offer complimentary baths when necessary. We want to ensure your dog stays clean and comfortable during their stay.
For any questions or concerns about our daily routines, exercise, health, or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us. The most straightforward way to reach us is at (208) 912-9588.

Requirements for Boarding Your Dog 

We maintain requirements to keep all of the dogs in our care healthy and safe.

Each dog will need a negative fecal test taken within 10 days of boarding, and must be up-to-date on their vaccinations for:
● Rabies● Canine parvovirus● Distemper● Canine hepatitis ● Bordetella
Please provide proof of your dog's vaccination records before their stay.
If your dog requires veterinary care during their stay, rest assured that Intermountain Pet Hospital in Middleton is on call for all dogs in our care.


Provided your dog is up-to-date on vaccines, boarding with us should be a breeze. Our experience allows us to handle all types of dogs, even those that some other boarders hesitate to accommodate based on their size, breed, or training.
When you need to go out of town, Valhalla K9 Kennels is here to make sure your best pal will be well taken care of. We are a small, veteran-owned company with experience in handling all canines. From large, active working dogs to small rambunctious pups and any personalities in between, we are fully equipped to provide your dog with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Call Allie at (208) 912-9588 for more information.